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Our mission is to partner in the development of new medical treatments through a flexible clinical trial network that reaches people everywhere, providing extensive patient access and diversity.

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The IMA Clinical
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IMA Clinical Research partners in the development of new medical treatments through a flexible, full-service clinical trial site network that provides extensive patient access and diversity. IMA Clinical Research provides a comprehensive network of clinical research sites and an array of over one hundred and eighty satellite locations, providing extensive, nationwide patient access. Furthermore, we have a rapidly growing database of over 400,000 patients and the ability to reach millions.

Trial Delivery ReIMAgined

IMA Clinical Research uses a modern, tech-enabled operating model to deliver various study designs, including classic site-based, hybrid and fully decentralized trials. We established the Patient Outreach Center to connect with patients who aren’t typically seen onsite, promoting longitudinal engagement, improving data collection and bolstering patient retention. Coupled with centralized contracting and rigorous regulatory adherence, IMA Clinical Research is uniquely positioned to deliver quick startup and high-quality studies across the network.

Experienced, Patient-Centric Team

IMA Clinical Research is clinically founded and clinically run by people who share a passion for helping others. We’re committed to serving our study participants and sponsors with the highest level of quality care and professionalism to ensure the successful conduct of all clinical trials. Supported by unparalleled intellectual horsepower and highly dedicated executives, we drive clarity in complex situations and accelerate the development of novel treatments.

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