A Reflection On 2022

As I reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next, I find myself filled with pride and humility for the wonderful work our team has accomplished. I am so thankful for our team, clients, patients, and overall successes of 2022. I am also frequently struck by the significant benefits that clinical trials bring to patients as new science is delivered that unravels the mysteries of new and old diseases.

At IMA Clinical Research, we have made tremendous strides this year in developing and enabling operational and technical advancements that make us bigger yet more nimble. We have added several new research sites and significantly increased the size of others to meet expanding demand and improve access to clinical trials for patients.

We have expanded our therapeutic focus and enhanced our community outreach activities. With our network of 13 dedicated research clinics and over 150 satellite medical offices, we can perform traditional site based, hybrid and fully decentralized study designs in over 40 states.

We have re-engineered the process to make IMA Clinical Research more effective in rapid study start up ensuring consistency across our  Network by centralizing core services for Business Development, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Start-up, Contracting, Finance, and Training. We also established a corporate-wide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative to help us mirror the diversity of the communities we serve.

Thank you to our IMA colleagues for their dedication, tireless work, and commitment for our vision.  And a heart-felt thank you to the patients in our trials who volunteer their time and entrust us to share advanced treatments with them as we explore new boundaries in medicine together. Your contributions are truly inspiring and drive our teams to do better for you!

Looking ahead into 2023, I am excited by the prospect of continuing our intellectual growth, adding new clinics, both organically and through acquisitions, offering clinical trials to more patients in diverse communities and participating in rewarding studies that advance medical sciences.

Sincere thank you for 2022 and best wishes for a bright and bold 2023!  #IMAgine.

Warm Regards,

Mark Weinberger, PhD, MPH
President & CEO