Dr. Christy Risinger on the Benefits of FibroScan Screening

In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Christy Risinger, a respected internal medicine physician based in Austin, shares her firsthand experience with a no-cost FibroScan at IMA Clinical Research. As a leading clinical research center in South Austin, our IMA Clinical Research site offers a wide range of innovative services, including FibroScan, a non-invasive procedure used to measure liver stiffness and assess fibrosis.

As she undergoes the FDA-approved procedure, Dr. Risinger discusses the benefits of a FibroScan and the way clinicians use the tool to monitor liver diseases. Comparing the test to an ultrasound, Dr. Risinger points out that the exam only took five minutes and was completely painless. FibroScans provide reliable results without the need for a more invasive liver biopsy.

The results of Dr. Risinger’s scan were delivered in a comfortable and professional environment and explained in detail by Anvi Ta, a family nurse practitioner and Senior Regional Director of Operations for IMA Clinical Research. Details of the FibroScan were broken down into two main components—a CAP score and a fibrosis score.

The CAP score represents the fatty content of the liver. The higher the CAP score, the higher the liver fat amounts. Although some fat is expected, elevated levels could indicate a health problem, like cirrhosis or alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The fibrosis score for the test signifies the stiffness of the liver. Detecting liver stiffness aids in identifying the presence and severity of fibrosis, allowing for early intervention and tailored treatment plans. Dr. Risinger provides tips on how lifestyle changes, including dietary and exercise habits, help improve liver health.

The video serves as an informative resource on FibroScan as a powerful diagnostic tool. Dr. Risinger combines her medical expertise with a personal perspective to encourage viewers in the Austin area to take advantage of the no-cost FibroScan available through IMA Clinical Research.