Albuquerque's Community Impact with #YOUABQ

In an exclusive interview, the hosts of Albuquerque’s #YouABQ podcast sat down with Mireya Medina, our Albuquerque Site Director, and Katie Gadomski, Senior Research Coordinator. The conversation revolved around the critical role patient outreach plays in their work, particularly in the vibrant community of Albuquerque. The duo also spoke about work opportunities IMA Clinical Research has brought to the region.

Clinical studies play a vital role in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. Mireya Medina recognized this need for clinical research opportunities in the state. Albuquerque boasts a diverse population—making it an ideal location for study participants and clinical researchers to connect. Mireya impresses on the importance of community outreach, discussing programs like free memory evaluations for residents.

Katie Gadomski, an experienced researcher and nurse, shares her passion for making a difference through her work. Joining IMA Clinical Research as part of an Alzheimer’s study, she speaks on the broad spectrum of what’s involved when a participant agrees to take part in a research opportunity. Studies performed on-site include research in the fields of dementia, ADHD, depression, obesity, PTSD, and many others.

The hosts of #YouABQ spoke on IMA’s commitment to hiring talent from the local pool. Mireya passionately expresses the positive impact this has on both the organization and the community. By keeping employment opportunities local, IMA Clinical Research not only taps into the wealth of talent within Albuquerque but also strengthens its ties with the community it serves.

Enjoy the podcast episode to get more behind-the-scenes information on IMA Clinical Research and its impact within the Albuquerque research community. Expect to hear more from Mireya and Katie as the hosts of #YouABQ would love to see the duo return for future episodes.