Clinical Trials Day 2024: Trailblazers Among Us at IMA

To commemorate this year’s Clinical Trials Day, we want to recognize the commitment of our clinical research professionals and study participants. Our exclusive video, includes interviews with our investigators discussing what clinical trials mean to them and the contributions they believe research makes to the betterment of human health.

The Importance of Clinical Trials

At IMA Clinical Research, we are reminded daily of the importance of clinical trials. Our patient-centric approach is strengthened with our teams that genuinely believe in helping others. Our professionals who work alongside study volunteers are not merely researchers, they are empathetic partners who guide participants through the clinical trial process. Dr. Howard Chipman, St. Petersburg’s Principal Investigator, states, “I like to be at the forefront of progress and helping patients. Anything that I can do to help other people get better, feel better, that’s to me the best thing you can do.”

The Impact on Patient Lives

Helping others is a common theme seen among our research teams. As Dr. Anne Nafziger of IMA Clinical Research Albany remarks, “I believe most people who enroll do it so they can help others while also potentially helping themselves. They receive an education that they wouldn’t in a usual healthcare setting.”

Our clinical research sites prioritize the needs and perspectives of study participants. Our efforts lead to improvements in patient engagement and more meaningful research outcomes. Dr. Dani Cabral of IMA Phoenix puts it best when she says, “Everyone who’s in a trial is contributing. Absolutely. They help us learn about the body and the disease… It’s going to help future generations, for sure.”

The Future of Clinical Trials

IMA Clinical Research recognizes the importance of diverse patient populations. By actively engaging with underrepresented communities, our professionals play an important role in improving healthcare outcomes for everyone.

The role of clinical research professionals will become increasingly critical to the medical field. Dr. Shayne Ladak, a principal investigator in Albuquerque, says, “Clinical research gives me hope because we can do things to help make a difference, to help make change. It also gives us hope for future generations that they will not face some of the trials and tribulations that people suffer right now.”

As time passes, clinical trials will help introduce more innovative medications, therapies, and devices to the patients in need. Dr. Hayley Chester, Investigator at our New York City site recalls, “I’ve seen many of these agents that were once in studies and protocols being developed for the clinics… I’ve used them and seen the difference they make in people’s lives. It’s exciting when we have a new agent that changes someone’s life.”

Clinical Trials Day serves as a poignant reminder of the invaluable contributions made by our research professionals and all participants. IMA Clinical Research wishes to express gratitude for the individuals who have dedicated their careers to pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge and improving the lives of countless patients.