IMA Clinical Research Awarded 1st Runner Up in SCOPE Participant Engagement Award

IMA Clinical Research is awarded 1st Runner up for the Participant Engagement Award at SCOPE 2024

For The Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) 2024, we were awarded 1st runner up for the Participant Engagement Award (PEA). The Award recognizes innovation and change in how the industry communicates with participants in the fields of recruitment and retention in clinical trials. Mireya Medina, Site Director at the Albuquerque site Presented Innovative Patient Engagement: Leveraging Mobile Research Units on the first day of the conference in front of a panel of judges. Watch the video and read the submission to learn more about our innovative approach to participant engagement.


We are honored to present IMA Clinical Research’s Albuquerque, NM (ABQ) site to be considered for SCOPE’s Participant Engagement Award. Breaking the barriers of traditional clinical outreach, our Albuquerque branch has embraced innovation by leveraging Mobile Research Units (MRUs) to foster connections with the local disadvantaged populace.

This initiative positioned the Albuquerque branch as a beacon for trust and resource access for their local community. The initiative stands testament to our commitment to prioritizing patient-focused care, facilitating convenient access, and increasing community awareness about invaluable clinical services.


In Albuquerque, the mission was clear – to engage diverse communities, particularly the underserved Hispanic population, and to overcome barriers that prevented their participation in clinical trials. While our ABQ site was dedicated to this cause, it faced significant challenges, notably issues related to transportation access within the community.

Understanding the depth of this issue, our Albuquerque site sprang into action to bridge this gap. With support from our sponsor, the unique idea of using Mobile Research Units (MRUs) came into being. Instead of waiting for the community to come to us, we decided to go to them. By transforming our clinic into a mobile unit, we were able to reach places and people we hadn’t before.

We used our close-knit collaborations with local organizations to mark our presence at events and connect with patients actively searching for resources. At these events, our MRUs didn’t just serve as screening hubs but also doubled as knowledge centers. They disseminated vital educational materials that cleared common misconceptions about clinical trials and shed light on the various research indications.

Measuring Success

Within a short span from September 29 to October 5, the Albuquerque site spearheaded nine events at various venues such as health fairs, assisted living facilities, and community centers. Over 150 individuals were engaged and screened, with the majority being from diverse and often underrepresented sections of society in clinical research.

For more metrics and data from this initiative, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Benefits to the Clinical Trial Ecosystem:

The introduction of MRUs transformed the clinical trial landscape in Albuquerque. The community not only had improved access to our clinic’s services but also became more aware of research as a potential treatment option. Most importantly, these services and resources were made available to an often diverse and low-income community, ensuring they didn’t miss out due to financial constraints or time-consuming processes.

This improved engagement with populations that are typically underrepresented in clinical research embodies our commitment to inclusivity and equitable healthcare access and ensures the research conclusions drawn are more universally applicable and beneficial in tailoring future treatments.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

The positive outcomes in Albuquerque serve as a testament to our continued dedication to enhancing diversity and inclusion. Not only have we managed to break down barriers of access but have also sowed the seeds for an equitable healthcare future.

As we move forward, our clinic is eager to sustain these efforts. By hosting more events and nurturing our community relationships, we strive to ensure that healthcare and research opportunities remain accessible and inclusive for everyone.


Our journey exemplifies the power of community engagement and innovative thinking in clinical research. We hope the inspiring efforts of our Albuquerque, NM clinic serve as a roadmap for fostering collaboration, empathy, and lasting patient engagement in clinical research. Thank you for considering our submission. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to discuss our initiatives further and showcase IMA Clinical Research’s impact on patient care.