Nomita Kim, MD - Principal Investigator Spotlight


How Did You Get Into Clinical Research?

So I work at a center that has a lot of different aspects of medicine available. They do a lot of like preventative health medicine and they brought what’s called heart wise to our center, which really looks at cardiovascular risk. And that person was involved in research and they introduced me to research and I got into it through the at the pharmaceutical level, through that company.

What do You Like About Research?

Right now my main passion is metabolic syndromes, hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol issues, things that can help my everyday patients. And so it’s very exciting to be part of cutting edge medicine where you’re seeing, you know, the mechanisms of actions and you’re really seeing how did we get to approve this medication? And so it’s very exciting to be part of that.

Why IMA Clinical Research?

I really have enjoyed joining IMA Research; the team is excellent! I like being able to go to work and speak to them about research and look at labs and say, How is this benefiting a patient? I like that they are very responsive and so I’ve really enjoyed my experience thus far.