Dani Cabral, MD - IMA Clinical Research Spotlight


I’m Dr. Dani Cabral. I’m the principal investigator at the IMA Phoenix Site.

How Did You Get Into Clinical Research?

I really got into clinical research when I was in my fellowship training after I had done the combined neurology and psychiatry residency. And I did a fellowship in basically Alzheimer’s research. And there were lots of clinical trials being done, especially of treatments, industry sponsored investigator initiated. And I really formed an excitement and love and passion for this field.

Listening to Your Community

I would say it’s clear it’s well established that there’s a lack of diverse communities and individuals within all clinical trials, and that’s very understandable. There’s many reasons for that. And so I would say what we could do better is to not assume that one community from one ethno racial background have each person or family have all the same views and reasons for not wanting to be in a clinical trial. And so we have to talk to people directly. We have to go to them and then be willing to try to to remedy those and being humble and open that you don’t fully understand someone else’s experience, but you can have a conversation about it at least.

Why IMA Clinical Research?

Both because of the people that work here, the culture and because of the high quality trials that they’re doing. And so that was it was really clear for me. The jobs I choose are really all about looking at are the are the people that work there happy? Are they staying there? Are they sticking around? Are they laughing and enjoying themselves while still doing good work? And that’s what I saw here and that’s what I continue to see.